Hero Defense – Haunted Island

Hero Defense – Haunted Island
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Berlin-based independent developer Happy Tuesday is excited to announce today that its unique Tower-Defense Action-RPG hybrid game, Hero Defense – Haunted Island, is available now via Steam’s Early Access program for Windows PC!


Hero Defense – Haunted Island puts players in control of a team of five monster slayers, who must battle their way through challenging arenas to defeat none other than the world’s most powerful vampire, the evil Count Necrosis. As slayers of the undead, players must slash, tear and impale their way through legions of unholy creatures hell-bent on world domination. But mobs are the least of their problems – countless bosses with their own unique abilities and grudges against our heroes await players on their journey. Our heroes must fight to restore the destruction that Count Necrosis has left in his wake, helping distressed villagers and making new allies along the way in this rich, narrative-driven adventure.

Tower-Defense, MOBA and RPG enthusiasts are challenged with a gameplay mix of all these genres. Players will strategically maneuver their cast of heroes to destroy hordes of sinister creeps, utilizing their respective specialties. A deep RPG layer allows customization of each hero and features highly upgradeable weapons as well as character skill trees. In addition, players can loot, collect and merge runes to access new skills for an incredible level of skill customization. Procedurally generated enemies and daily challenges guarantee huge replay value as well.

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Despite being in Steam’s Early Access, Hero Defense – Haunted Island already provides a nearly complete experience with a fully narrated story campaign, providing hours of single-player enjoyment. Developer Happy Tuesday is working closely with the community to continually improve the game, with weekly updates releasing every Tuesday. An update to add an intense multiplayer mode, pitting players in 1v1 PvP ranked or unranked matches, is already planned, along with support for Mac and Linux.

For more information on Hero Defense – Haunted Island’s upcoming multiplayer and future updates, please visit http://hero-defense.com/blog.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/423620/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeroDefenseHI/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hero_defense



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