Head Tilt Lies from photographers

Head Tilt Lies from photographers

Many photographers will tell you to tilt your head down (I’m too much of a lady to tell you why they think this is a good look or where they got that gem of an idea). I’m sure the advice is not given maliciously. The truth of the matter is that not everyone looks good like that, in fact, most do not.

It generally tends to make people look like they have an enormous forehead, long nose, and small lips. It also depends on what angle the photographer is shooting from.

On the other hand lifting the head too much can be as unflattering. All of it depends on your particular face. Get yourself in front of the mirror and tilt your head slightly up and down to see what downplays your lesser attractive features and plays up your good assets.

New models can benefit greatly from having a friend take tons of quick camera pics with slight movements of the head tilting up and down as well as to the sides and angles. Then look over the whole lot of the pics and see what is more flattering for you. You will want to have your friend shoot from a level straight on angle. Later, you will know where to position your head in reference to the camera, but start with the basics. Know the best angles for your face. Successful models know how to position their faces, torsos, and limbs. More posts later on those aspects.

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