Green Light Bundle

Green Light Bundle
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Thanks to the amazing dedication of gamers, fans, creative professionals and more, American McGee’s latest brilliant creation, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, achieved its funding goals.

However, let’s not forget about other hard-working independent game developers and their spectacular projects which need our support.

Help developers get their games onto Steam by playing the Green Light Bundle and voting for them on Steam Greenlight.

With over 2000 downloads and counting, 9 indie developers have made the next step towards the Steam Store. For $5 you can instantly download 9 amazing games, for PC and Mac, not yet available on Steam. When the game launches on Steam, keys will be distributed to all buyers of the bundle. Get the bundle now:

The Green Light Bundle is an initiative by Dutch developer Stolen Couch Games. The Green Light Bundle celebrates great games available on Steam Greenlight. The bundle offers a collection of 9 great games, which all need more votes on their campaign pages.

The 9 games in the bundle are:

* Paranormal (Haunting simulator)

* Beware Planet Earth! (Time management tower defense)

* Hairy Tales (Tile-dragging puzzler)

* Dwarf Quest (Casual dungeon crawler)

* Depth Hunter (Spear-fishing simulator)

* Potatoman Seeks the Troof (8 bit platformer)

* Megabyte Punch (fighting/beat ’em up)

* Gear Jack (side scrolling platformer)

* Aeon Command (Strategy space warfare game)


For more information on the games, visit the Green Light Bundle website:

About the Green Light Bundle:
Like many other developers, Stolen Couch Games have faced some trouble trying to get their games onto Steam. With the Green Light Bundle, they introduce some of the amazing games not yet available on Steam. Thereby helping the developers earn money for further development and, of course, get their game upvoted on Steam Greenlight.


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