GO-kart for the Veterans Affairs in Dallas

GO-kart for the Veterans Affairs in Dallas

by Yvonna

I was  incredibly privileged to be invited by Gamers Outreach to participate in the dedication of a GOkart (Gamers Outreach Kart pictured below with recreational therapist, Danielle and Vet Kenny) to the veterans at the Texas VA Medical Center.

What makes the GOkart so awesome? It is completely portable, with a hydraulic system to adjust to the height of the bed where a veteran, child, or patient who is immobile can enjoy playing a game. While visiting with a veteran Thursday we talked about what it was like to play Forza 4 on the new GOkart.  Tears welled up in my eyes as he said in a rather quiet but thrilled voice, “It was incredible. I felt like I was driving again”.

While at the dedication, I was also honored to meet Daniel, now working with Gamers Outreach. I first heard about Daniel from his completely adorable mom Pink who works with Konas Korner.  Daniel, recently back from his second tour in Afganistan, said his unit had just received a care package from another one of C+2’s favorite charities, Operation Supply Drop that was so incredible, it made him wish he were back with them. Lol.

Being in a room of Vets was such a humbling and incredible experience. The staff and vets were warm, appreciative, and excited. I felt a bit insignificant to be honest (as you can probably tell in this photo). Then a vet told me that we all had our roles and that mine was indeed needed. After explaining how he felt for a bit, I walked away feeling incredibly proud of the Charisma+2 girls and guys who selfishly volunteer their time and resources to help out our servicemen and women.

One of the coolest things about being a gamer is that our world can be so tightly knit and supportive. It was a wonderful surprise to run into some friends like Jam! and another friend I had not seen in a while, but who I also found out while here was one of the guys I gave a check to when I was a QuakeCon girl ;p Great seeing you again Chris who runs the cool RadioActiveNerd site.

So who is heading up this whole Gamers Outreach initiative? That would be Zach Wigal (Left),  Stefanie )other side of Veteran Kenny, and Ooopy (far right). Thank you so much Gamers Outreach! Charisma+2 is here for you :)

Thank you again, Zach, for the honor of participating in this dedication.