GDC 2013 DAY 1

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GDC has begun! Charisma + 2 is in San Francisco attending meet and greets, panels, parties, even a trip down memory lane thanks to the Videogame History Museum, and it’s only Monday!

The convention is off to a good start so far. The crowds are large, yet the atmosphere feels relaxed. However, many people are just now flying in for the conference, so tomorrow everything will be bigger and busier.

C + 2 had the great privilege of meeting with some great companies today, both very unique and worth looking into.

There’s never enough time to devote full attention to a single game/product/business during the week of a very important event. But for certainty, we’ll go over each of them more thoroughly upon our return.

To start with, there’s NativeX (formerly W3i), an advertising company that specializes in monetization for the mobile gaming market. What does that mean? In short, it’s running ads in games. Now, before your groan about how annoying it is for ads to appear while playing, consider reading a little further. According to co-founder Rob Weber, NativeX has devised a clever way to place advertisements in a game, blending them in rather than causing a distraction. The ads are also age appropriate based on the genre and subject of the game, thus creating an effective engaging experience for users as well as developers. Believe it or not, advertising is a necessity in building a successful app. Look for details on why in upcoming posts.

Next, C + 2 met with creatives from Daedalic Entertainment, one of the most accalimed publishers and developers from Germany with some terrific projects scheduled for release later this year.

First there’s the new turn-based RPG Blackguards. Instead of taking on the role of the generic hero, you’re taking the role of a criminal who must employ a team of questionable allies in order to survive endless perils in the wolrd of The Dark Eye. For every character acquired on your journey there’s a list of various abilities, armor, garments and inventory to choose from. However, they don’t just have strenghs, they have weaknesses too such as drunkness, drug abuse and uncontrollable rage. There are 197 battlenets, no random styles, and nothing is repetive in the game. Every scene has an objective for the player to achieve, and your decisions affect the outcome of the story. How ‘bad’ do you want to be?

Second, there’s The Night of the Rabbit, an absolutely gorgeous adventure point-and-click game. In the role of 12 year-old Jerry Hazelnut, you’ll partake in a wondrous journey that include solving puzzles and interacting with curious characters in the mysterious world of Mousewood which. It’s an open world story where you can switch between settings like night and day, and allow yourself to get immersed in a rich universe. This game is perfect for kids and adults who are looking to be part of telling a story as well as playing a game.

Last for the day, there’s Goodbye Deponia which is the third installment to an adevnture trilogy. Like The Night of the Rabbit, this is also a point-and-click game. For those who haven’t played the first two titles (Deponia and Chaos of Deponia), you’re following the blunders of Rufus, a quirky young man who longs to escape from his village, Kuvaq, on a planet covered in trash called Deponia. The third game focuses on Rufus and his beloved, a girl named Goal, and their quest of finding a way to Elysium and save his world from destruction.

C + 2 thanks NativeX and Daedalic Entertainment for sharing their time and expertise.

That’s all for Day 1. Stay tuned for Day 2.

Pictures will come soon as well.

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