Gaming Convention + Me as Retro Video Game Character + Rad Vaca?? Yes Please!

Gaming Convention + Me as Retro Video Game Character + Rad Vaca?? Yes Please!

So, will any of you be in Austin next week?

I know I will!

I have never been to Austin, TX for more than simply driving through to get to the other side, but, in less than one week, I will be there and I will be surrounded with amazing people!

I bet you are all going, “what in the world is this crazy blonde talking about? Well, This time next week I will be at a convention and get to dress up as one of my all time favorite characters from classic gaming! I mean, come on, the costume rocks, fits like a glove (and so do the gloves ^_^) and Yvonna gave it a special kick by enhancing parts. Plus, not to mention it is a huge girly bonus to get to be in my fav color the whole time. Gah! Oops, that’s my closet girly girl coming out right there. lol

I think I am just gonna keep you guys guessing for a while exactly what convention (unless you already know, then you are just a smarty pants!!) and what character I am. I will most def tell you, just not quite yet… ;) I can’t wait to post pics AND tell you guys all about the awesomeness of this event. I am so STOKED!!!!!!!!

Well… that you guys are STILL wondering what the HECK I am blabbing on about, I have to go and figure out which shoes to where with the outfit! Ugh, so many choices. Darn-it! I did it again, I need to stop letting my girly girl side from sneaking out. XD


Peace out guys & gals! Go get you game on! And for those of you geeks (like me) go get your geek on!! 


Maggi3 Ma3 <3