Game Dev Expo not on a coast? Yup! Ohio

Game Dev Expo not on a coast? Yup! Ohio
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Game Dev Expo

not on the West Coast?

Yup! in Ohio!

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ADDRESS: 1739 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210

I know a lot of people that follow us who want to be in game development but do not live near any of the major game con cities. Well Ohio, though it may not bring in the Ken Levines or Cliff Bleszinskis of the game dev world, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a taste of what being a game dev is and what it takes to get into it.

These days, with social games being developed in a living room, it is possible to not have to move to LA or Seattle to get your feet wet. You may not even need to go to a pricey school, but you will have to be prepared for the harsh realities and rewarding possibilities. Social games also may help you get some resume builders on your path to making AAA games, but if you are thinking of taking that road, as with going to game dev school, please go in with as much realistic knowledge as you can. What better way than going to a nearby, VERY reasonably priced game dev expo?

So what is “reasonably priced”? How about the Game Showcase being FREE! but you will want to hear speaker and network as well

The Expo is made up of two components, the Showcase and the Speaker Series. The Speaker Series is a ticket-only event that features people from all over Ohio that are involved in the game industry, from owning their own indie company to working in a AAA studio. Ticket holders will also receive a free snack and appetizer selection. Tickets to the Speaker Series can be purchased here.

The Showcase is a totally free portion of the expo where everyone is encouraged to attend, or even showcase their work. It’s totally open to the public, and no ticket is required. If you’re interested in getting table space for the Showcase, please fill out our Showcase Application Form.

  1. How Much Does a Speaker Series Pass Cost? Click here for schedule

    Passes for the Speaker Series are extremely reasonable, with students receiving a discount rate.

    Regular speakers-series pass: $15  ($20 at the door)

    Students will receive a special discounted ticket price of $8
    (Current students of any High School or University are eligible for the Student Ticket Price)

    Contact us at to inquire about bulk ticket rates.

After Party Event for all!

We have extended the Expo to include an after hours meet-n-greet and game-play party. The Expo will now run until 10pm, featuring a variety of tournaments, freeplay games, and networking opportunities. Just like the rest of the showcase, it will be free and open to the public and will offer the chance to get to know each other in a relaxing, game focused environment. Oh, and their will be a cash bar for those that are interested and of age.
We’re excited to spend a holiday evening with all of our guests.

Want to know a little more about the people putting this shindig on? Meet the crew putting this first year event together. Read through and scroll to the bottom of the page here.

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