Game Celebrity Perceptions & Gratz Blair and Jessica!

Game Celebrity Perceptions & Gratz Blair and Jessica!


I found out from Lauren’s FB that she was traveling for the wedding of the funny and cool Blair Herter and super awesome Jessica Chobot. I do not socialize with either the bride or groom so I did not know, but hearing the news made me smile super big being fortunate enough to have briefly visited with them at a couple conventions. It also brought to my mind an interesting phenomenon… our game celebrity perceptions.

I first met Blair at QuakeCon when he was interviewing the QC girls ( left to right Ashley , Stephanie, and Savanna are in the BG here). I think it was the first time I had gone from QC girl to QCgirl booking agent. He seemed like a super nice guy, incredibly humble, down-to-earth and all around good person. I don’t know him very well at all… but as happens frequently in life ended up getting to know one of his close friends who later worked at id.

As for the bride, I suppose the lovely Jessica Chobot has been on my mind because of all the Mass Effect 3 excitement & her being in it news! BUT even more in the forefront of my mind when I heard the wedding news was how completely wrong I was for so many years about the gaming starlette.

It was one of my first E3s when I ever so briefly met Jessica. I mean brief. It was during a short break of her filming for IGN and the lights had gone down for a moment’s breath. I am absolutely positive she would not remember me from that time (or even the next time in San Antonio). For me though it was a rather epic moment. I had been following her every word and felt like I knew her (common misplaced feeling for those of us out in the audience). So after my 5th time of making rounds on the convention floor to try to catch her at that booth back in a corner of one of the halls, she was not filming! yay! I was so excited! And then… I met her. I know now, after getting to meet her at a Gamestop convention 2 years ago, that she is an incredibly, sweet, person! She went out of her way to accommodate attendees, answer numerous questions, and take photos. She was patient when my camera fubar’d on us which made it take forever and was just a real fun, pretty, and kind person. But my initial impression was completely wrong. I totally misread her and was disappointed because of the faulty feelings. 

It made me think that Game Personalities are probably subject to even harsher fan critiques than the biggest movie stars.. not because their fan base is larger but because their fan base is so tech savvy and surf all day. Maybe it is me, but trolling seems to be subsiding a bit from a few years back, but I do know this: It is easy for us to feel like we know a Game Personality from a chance meeting, but we really do not know them at all. They could be having a bad day, one bad moment in a long day, or maybe most likely are just busy (they literally talk to thousands of individuals a day at a big convention, so getting even a “hi” should make us feel pretty darn special). Even for me, I am not on TV currently and will have people tell me after getting to know me, “You are so nice! I heard you were a ___ ” (insert whatever word for not nice person would fit because I have been called that most assuredly).

Lastly, it occurs to me, especially after having the C+2 agency,  that when girls are pretty, even if they go out of their way to talk to everyone they can, someone is going to slip through the cracks unnoticed and post hater comments about what a snob the girl is. How come it is that pretty girls who don’t talk to an individual are snobs, but unattractive girls are just considered shy? 

Anyway, that was just some food for thought. The big thing is that some of our favorite gaming personalities are getting married.

Congratulations, Blair and Jessica!