From Past to Present

From Past to Present

I’m sure we have all had so much technology come into our lives only be forgotten about. Thought I would take a stroll down Memory Lane and share with you some of my gadgets from the past and what I currently am using.



First Computer:

This had to have been the coolest thing ever when my family received it as a gift. It was pretty much unheard of to own a personal computer at that time. All I can remember about this was I spent so much time playing a typing game and how many floppy disks there were to do anything. Still awesome none the less.




Current Computer

I had been coveting an iBook or MacBook for the longest time and finally saved up enough to buy one. I have only ever owned two Macs. Glad to be back with the Mac family, one of the best purchases I have ever made. There are a few downsides to not having Windows, however, I can partition my hardrive and have best of both worlds.

My initials are MAC, so maybe we are destined to be together.


First Cellphone:

Mobile phones sure have gone a long way since I started using them. I was given my first phone in ninth grade, which was extremely awesome and made me feel a bit elite. It was great having this little device, but since practically nobody I knew owned one, I mostly played Snake, had daily horoscopes & jokes sent to me and texted my mom.  



Current Cellphone:

Why not an iPhone you may be thinking. Why not? It doesn’t have a physical QWERTY keyboard, which I need. I chose a Sidekick3 over the first iPhone for that very reason. Having the keyboard makes emailing so much easier for me, I was never able to get the hang of typing on screens. HTC makes awesome phones and Android does everything I need it to.


First Gaming System:

I’m not sure which came into our household first, the Commodore 64 or the NES, but I am sure I spent a lot of time with both of them. My sister and I would have so much fun playing Track & Field and Ghostbusters on C64 and I’d always make her be Luigi when we’d play Super Mario Bros. I’m older, so of course I get to be Player 1! I just wish my mom hadn’t given these systems away. I guess I will just have to buy them later on when I create my own arcade in my home.








Current Gaming System:

Oh, XBOX, how I do love thee. I have had a love affair with XBOX360 for almost 4 years now. I started out playing Call of Duty 4 and Assassin’s Creed on my ex’s console and would some days spend close to 12 hours a day playing. After that I purchased my own and have been playing that since. I still rock the Pro with a pink controller, but have a brand new Kinect bundle waiting for me. 




First Portable Music Device:

Portable cassette player with a microphone so I could sing along to Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.. Why not? I used to take this thing EVERYWHERE.



Current Portable Music Device:

Yeah, yeah.. I know this thing is ancient by technology standards, but it still works and I love it! Who do you know with a 60GB pink iPod? Probably just me, since it’s custom. No wonder I love it so much.








First Gaming Gig:

When I heard I was chosen to work this event, it had to be some of the most exciting news I’ve received. I had recently gotten back into gaming and was thrilled to work at one of the largest gaming events around, The World Cyber Games! It’s a traveling event so I was lucky to be in a city they had chose to host it, Seattle ’07!



Current Gaming Gig:

Even more exciting was being able to work for Microsoft for the launch of the Kinect! Being a huge XBOX fan, this was a dream come true. ‘So you want to pay me to teach people to play video games?? OKAY!’ This has to be one of the most rewarding and fun jobs I have had. I get to share my passion for gaming with others and convert non-gamers into gamers!