Follower Freebies!



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Here is an on-going list of the winners of Follower Freebies!

How are winners chosen?

The winners are drawn from the names of followers to our and Youtube/Cplus2TV 

You have 24 hours to claim your prize, just LIKE  and message me your address at the Charisma+2 Facebook Public Figure Page!

Follower Freebies Winners:

Week 1) Bramlett (Black Ops 2 T-shirt)  Week 2)  xxrelentless4everxx  ( Oblanc 5.1 Gaming Headset ) Week 3)Wulfgang (Hawken T-shirt, sticker, and SquidGrips for his controller!)


General Rules? Easy. Follow our Twitch or Subscribe to our Youtube and you are automatically entered!

Yvonna also gives Random Acts of Swagness to FB and Twitter friends who pass the word along about our media. You can find those who win those prizes Here.


This page is to help us curb the shipping costs incurred with so many awesome giveaways! Anyone may donate and especially those who win something!

This is not a demand, of course, but would be a rather cool gesture, huh!


mailWhat are general costs?

Anything that can fit in a regular envelope (stickers, etc) cost $.50 to mail

T-shirts and Games are generally about $5

If it is one of our uber prizes, it would be more. THANKS!

Realizing this is a prize, any help is greatly appreciated!