Essentials for E3

Essentials for E3

.. or any convention for that matter.


Even though this will officially be my first Electronic Entertainment Expo, I am no novice to tradeshows, conventions and the sort. This is my handy guide to everything you need to bring with you for the best show experience.


Important: You will want to bring an empty carry-on/checked bag or leave extra space in your luggage for your swag. Also, bringing a bag to the event is a good idea. Sometimes they are provided, but you want to be sure you have something to put the items you acquire in and something to hold the essentials.






  • Camera, Phone, ID, Debit Card/Cash (a lot of conventions sell random things, so having cash on hand is good if you find a plush toy or shirt you just HAVE to have. Things sell out quick, so it’s best to not have to run to the ATM. Also there are sometimes offers for pre-orders if you do it at the booth, so a debit card comes in handy) and most importantly Expo Pass!
  • Comfortable Shoes! Inserts work wonders. I picked up some custom ones from The Walking Company that changed my life.
  • Water Bottle to stay hydrated. You never know when you will need something to drink. I suggest getting a Bobble from Target ($10). It’s a reusable water bottle with a built in water filter, so you can fill it up at a water fountain or in the bathroom. No need to find somewhere to purchase water constantly.
  • Snacks to keep you going if you don’t want to take a break just yet and to help you from being too hungry since lines for food will probably be horrendous. Keep your glucose level up! We don’t need anyone fainting.
  • Charger/Extra Battery to keep your phone alive and able to update the world what you are up to.
  • Hand Sanitizer if you are concerned about germs. You will be touching controllers after thousands of other people, as well as shaking some hands.
  • DS/PSP/iPod for your entertainment while you wait in line. Hours worth of lines..
  • Business Cards if you want to have people get in contact with you later on. Conventions are the perfect place to network! Even something with just your email, Twitter or Gamertag would be good. Don’t want creepers calling and texting at odd hours of the night. I have multiple cards for different situations. I like having options. This thing is pretty cool. You can create a barcode to say whatever you want when scanned by someone’s smart phone. You can have it printed on a card or save it to your phone for people to scan.


If you are looking to print physical cards, I suggest Also, this is a cool site to keep all your social networks in one place that you could have listed on there. They even offer free business cards with your URL on them.



There you have it. Mickaiayla’s convention essentials.




Honorable Mention: A spreadsheet print out of your schedule as well as a map with areas of interest. Some events have mobile apps with these items, check to see if one is available. It could come in handy.




If you have your own list, feel free to share in the comments.




- M