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Normally one of the C+2 staff will post the almost daily birthday girl on our Facebook Page, but today is a bit different because what I have to say won’t fit on the usual sized FB status and definitely not 140 characters for Twitter.

68266_475679869157_6407393_n I had the fortune of meeting Emily via a longstanding and beloved model Traycee at SciFi Con 2010. Traycee asked if she could bring a friend to the shoot and to be honest, I thought, “le sigh, ok, that’ll be fine” because generally new girls take a while to shoot due to lack of experience and knowledge. I was thinking that I really wanted to scoot through the shoot (I shoot super fast and so did our photographer, Matthew Schenk) which would allow me plenty of time to hit the showfloor of the con).

Boy am I glad I said to Traycee (who is a mega sweetheart) that it would be ok to bring her friend. Emily was a complete natural from the very first frame that was shot. Thoroughly relaxed, related to the person who would be a viewer, and incredibly easy to work with. When she walked up, her slight freckles and big smile melted any reservations I may have had. Over the next couple years, she did more shoots and gigs and every single time was beyond reproach and better than the client or I could have expected.


If you look over the collage of shots, it doesn’t take long to see that this happy go lucky “kid” can also be a smoking hot siren. I have not seen her take a bad photo. She could easily be a Victoria Secret model but I don’t think she sees herself that way and she never exploits herself in that way… ever.

She was still in school when we first met, she would let me know if she wouldn’t be able to be submitted for gigs because of finals or whatever (this was also when we were quite a bit smaller and often I would need extra time to find substitutes). She remains the consummate professional, which I greatly appreciate.

377286_10150493621630586_737065585_11026421_425409099_nBut that is not what really made her stand out to me, because, to be honest, I have several girls and guys like that. What makes me write an article about her is how she never ceases to make me smile, even when I am having a rough day. Completely unaware of this super power she possesses, I will glance over her FB status to see this absolute QT TT (cutie pie) loving life and being irresistible. What also defines her as awesome is that in one moment, she can bring me back to that carefree, loving life with open arms child-like wonderment that I allowed life to snuff out a bit.

In our house we have a saying that, “Emily exists as a waypoint to know that there is actually a level of goodness out there even though, for us, it is a faint mirage”. Her posts are generally quite family friendly, and yet she is not some judgmental puritan. She is just a happy girl enjoying life. I have a sneaky feeling that her honey (pictured center of collage) has a lot to do with that. This article is just to say that “Thank you, Emily, for all you do when you don’t even know it.”






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