Emerald City Comic Con

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ECCC is one of the top comic conventions located in the United States. This was the first year it sold out completely online, and will have a full Friday. It has yet to get the sort of attention that San Diego Comic Con has as far as media goes, but in a way, that keeps it still about the source-comic books.

There’s always a lot of cosplay, some great guests, and they’re constantly improving the show.

2014 looks to be a great year to attend. Some famous guests are: Karen Gillan, Stephen Amell, Micheal Biehn, Cary Elews, and plenty more!

There’s also the usual Saturday night Costume contest, which had generated a lot of press last year due to the show “Heroes of Cosplay”.

If you’re looking for a good convention in Seattle and are able to find tickets, Emerald City could just be a hit.


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