E3 Bound

Wow, so we finally were able to set up blogging on the site. This will be an awesome way to keep everyone up to date with what we experience day to day. However, even more exciting than that.. you will get first hand knowledge of what the Charisma+2 models experience at all of the events we are able to attend. So, I might as well start this off with a bang! I leave tomorrow at 6 AM from Tulsa to Los Angeles for E3!!!.. I figured going a few days early and paying the same amount to stay on the beach sounded better than only going the days of the convention.. One thing I have really learned about traveling this past year is that sometimes it truly is fun just to wing it. I am honestly going the first part of my trip with no plans, just to go wherever the day takes me. (Probably the beach knowing me lol.) Right now  I have so much to do in preparation for it.. packing being the major thing. I somewhat dropped the ball on that important part. So, right. Packing. Have to do that. Figuring out outfits, gaming it up a little bit in prep for E3, and scheduling makeup appointments with Kristal Glenn, another C+2 model for E3! It’s going to be busy…but I can honestly say that E3 has been on my bucket list in life..and I cannot believe I am getting to go. Dream come true. Update you all sometime tomorrow! To those competing at MLG Columbus, good luck..to the rest: have a good weekend and safe travels! - Cami 3:08 AM.  Thursday, June 2nd, 2011