Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Drop Dead Gorgeous!

This past week I did a Zombie Photo-shoot. The photo shoot was last minute and I did not have the means to go out to my local costume shop and by a gore makeup kit. This was a challenge that I took head on. I took a number of green eye shadow and yellow shadow to give myself a bruised, hollowed out eye color. Then to make it more pin-up like I gave a cat eye with liquid eye liner. I didn’t put the eyeliner down after that. I went eye liner happy and drew stitches and skull cracks into my face, neck, and chest. I did not have fake blood so i used lip gloss LOTS OF LIP GLOSS. It was red it was shiny. IT WORKED! Then to give a more blood and gore look to it i used a sponge and patted brown eye shadow over the red.  After all this i looked pretty cool but I added a dark green to contour my cheeks and collar bone, making it look hollow.  It ended up looking something like this :

zombie look (minus the eyes…those were photoshopped in afterwards ;)

The location of the shot was an abandoned mansion valued at about 4.4 million dollars. Most of the doors and windows were boarded up and the ones that weren’t were smashed to pieces. Inside the furniture and walls were all torn and tagged. This place was PERFECT! There were some great shots where i was crawling through walls, climbing up walls, and hiding in bushes…Any squatters here would have not lasted long.

through wals(coming through the kitchen where the dishwasher was supposed to have been)

The energy of the place was also very creepy.

After calling it a day I took my escort out to get Grilled Cheeses and fries :) The people at the mall loved my makeup :P !

zombie in fedora(just chilling….Awesome!)

Have a great night!