Drink Smart, Drink Neuro

Drink Smart, Drink Neuro
  Neuro, the Operating System for Life. I found these colorful bottles in one of the towers at my work while trolling for snacks around lunch time. Basically their shtick is similar to Vitamin Water, except theirs actually works. Neuro offers several different types/flavors of beverages that promote different things. They are all filled with loads of vitamins, minerals and herbs that are great for your body. My first experience was with the neuroSUN which supports a healthy immune system, maintains healthy bones, supports a balanced mood and supplies the body with 1000IU of Vitamin D–all you need from the Sun but without going outside! I had tried this one because I was sick and after drinking this I did feel a bit better. I went on to try a few more flavors as the week went on so I could give a balanced review. Here are the Neuro types:  
neuroGASM ( I believe this has now changed the name to Passion for obvious reasons), this promotes healthy blood flow and “playful energy”…what ever that is.
neuroSONIC – supports focus and concentration, memory, healthy aging and of course “mental” engery, essentially it is a healthier version of an energy drink
neuroSUN – supports a healthy immune system and a balanced mood, helps to maintain healthy bones, and supplies the body with 1000IU of Vitamin D
neuroSLEEP -promotes a restful sleep by containing Melatonin, 5-HTP and some other things to make you feel great
neuroBLISS – helps reduce stress, enhances mood, supports memory and promotes a positive outlook
neuroSPORT – replenishes nutrients lost during exercise with four critical electrolytes and important minerals
neuroTRIM – curbs your appetite and promotes healthy weight loss.
I tried the Sonic, Bliss, Trim and of course the Sun. I didn’t try the Trim for the effect, just the taste so I can’t speak on that part. The Sonic gave me a bit more energy although I didn’t feel jittery or unstable like I do sometimes with something like Monster or Redbull, I was able to focus much more at work instead of being distracted easily. The Bliss is my favorite, it made me feel more relaxed and I was more friendly so I’m inclined to say that Bliss does work and the taste IS blissful.
If you couldn’t tell, I’ve become quickly addicted to neuroBLISS. In my opinion Sonic tastes like some sort of berry although it’s a very light taste. Sun tastes like a pina colada which was refreshing. Trim taste sort of like passionfruit and Bliss tastes like a light lemon-lime. I found all the flavors to be light and refreshing, all of them have 35 calories except for Sport which has 50. Around where I am they are just under $3, and I see many neuroBLISS bottles in my near future. Here is the longer version of my review in video form so check it out below! And don’t forget to visit their website at DrinkNeuro.com
Happy Tastebuds!