Dragon’s Prophet

Dragon’s Prophet
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Sony Online Entertainment took time to share two impressive titles during the Game Developer’s Conference. First to share is Dragon’s Prophet.

What’s there not to love about dragons? They’re mysterious, they’re mystical and they’re mythological. In RPGs they’re fantastic assets as well as worthy opponents in quests. Even still, they could be so much more. Why not faithful steeds and valuable allies? And to add to that, why not have a wide variety of dragon species to choose from as capable companions to help serve you on your missions?

In Dragon’s Prophet, that’s precisely what they have become!

Dragon’s Prophet is a free-to-play, action-based MMORPG where the player may roam the enchanting realm of Auratia capturing, taming and riding dragons. For thousands of years, humans and dragons have struggled over dominance of the land, but something far more sinister threatens the safety of both. As the potential hero, you have four classes to choose from with male and female counterparts: Guardian, Sorcerer, Ranger and Oracle.

Each class differs in dexterity, armor and fighting skills. The Guardian, for example is proficient in one-or two-handed weapons, dual-wielding and use of a shield, while the Sorcerer relies on magic spells, the Ranger is accomplished with bows as well as guns, and the Oracle has the combined talent of using magic and close combat, however, unlike his companions, his armor is cloth-based only, which makes him more vulnerable to damage. All four classes also include the company of a unique dragon bestowed with abilities limited to either, land (running), water (swimming) or the sky (flying, gliding). In the game’s mythology, its said that elder dragons bred with the more common animals of the planet, thus resulting in hundreds of species of non-typical dragons. Keep in mind that whatever dragon appears with your avatar isn’t necessarily the one you’ll end up with in the game.

As with most RPGs, as you level up there are customizations to attend to like a skill-tree, inventory, a wide variety of armor and weaponry to choose from, and so on. Once reaching level 50 in the game and saving enough gold, you can go to a floating island in the sky called The Frontier System where you may interact with other players, find a plot of land to build a house, as well as buy and place furniture within, and establish an online presence.

However, the real responsibility arises when you capture, tame and collect dragons. First you must get up close to one, mount its back, then use some magical reins as part of bonding with the creature, which is similar to trying to ride a mechanical bull. Six can be kept in a personal stable, and another six can be stored in your inventory, which means you can have up to twelve dragons total.

As you explore the open-world around you, your dragons serve in harvesting supplies useful for making armor, jewelry, weapons, gear, potions, and domestic items. The aptitude to gain new skills beyond the basics also depends on the various dragons you’ve gathered. Each has a different personality, different strength, and different talent, yet sadly, not all of them can be tamed. In fact, those that are unsuccessfully tamed attack you in return, so you’ll either have to fight or run away and try again later. Taming skills increase through gameplay, so there’s no need to kill such a magnificent creature that could be useful at another time. One of your duties is to help your dragon level up and gain experience. Choosing appropriate hours for them to collect resources is essential so be wary of employing them for say 24 hours then choosing to take one out to assist you on a quest during that time frame. For example if you set up a schedule for six hours but decide to take one of the dragons out to join you in combat during hour number three, you’ll lose progress.

It should be noted that the dragon’s fighting abilities can’t be controlled, and the energy bar drains quickly when in combat mode. If an attack is successful, the bar goes up. Once empty, you’re on your own.

Standard quests  and group quests are available with more than plenty of loot to gather. Battles are fought on the ground for right now; however at some point look for opportunities in aerial combat! Don’t forget to take time and see the gorgeous surroundings and exotic locations.

Announced just mere days ago is the addition of an all new zone in game’s virtual world. Homeland to Auratia’s first humans (The Osira), Laedis is a land filled with history and hope, but also deception.

Also called the “Gate of the Gods,” this floating island was once a gateway to Anotaria, the Sacred Land of Dragon-kind located high up in the clouds, the primary mode of transportation to / from Laedis is by air ship. Players will explore the areas of Mount Longra, the Skywo Plains and Misting Jungle, while encountering the ancient city of Arteicia, in hopes of uncovering the land’s many secrets and helping the human race through dark times.

Many great features, splendid graphics, and clever interaction with a variety of surprisingly unique dragons provides enough proof that Dragon’s Prophet has tremendous promise!

A closed beta is currently available.



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