Daedalic Entertainment part 4 -Goodbye Deponia

Daedalic Entertainment part 4 -Goodbye Deponia
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Last to mention (and so not the least!) from Daedalic Entertainment is Goodbye Deponia. The final installment of the acclaimed comedic adventure point-and-click Deponia trilogy. For those unfamiliar with the series, the first game follows Rufus, a quirky low-class young man who longs to escape his village of Kuvaq on a planet made of junk called “Deponia”, and win the heart of his dream girl Goal, an upper-class citizen from the higher sectors of the planet who one day falls from the sky onto a trash heap.

In the sequel, Chaos of Deponia, Rufus seeks to reach the floating palace known as Elysium, only despite his attempts, ends up accidentally knocking Goal from the sky and damaging her brain implant, causing her to have three split personalities which impact his wacky plans of getting to paradise. And if trying to get her to fall in love with him was hard, he must also save the world of Deponia, which he despises so much, from certain destruction.

So what crazy adventure awaits Rufus in the third game, Goodbye Deponia?

Will he finally accomplish his big dreams of leaving Deponia, or wallow in self-destructive doubt because of his failed attempts?

Little could be said or shared of this title since its still in development, and who wants to spoil a popular series?

By all means, expect strange puzzles, unusual quests, and scores of zany yet colorful locations to explore. Don’t forget to play the first two games if you haven’t!

A release date is expected for Q3 of this year for PC and Mac platforms.



About Daedalic Entertainment

Established in 2007, Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer and video games worldwide, focusing on the production of entertainment software with strong narratives. The company based in Hamburg, Germany, offers international partners its services in the fields of development, publishing and consulting.

Daedalic has enjoyed great acclaim with the release of adventure same milestones such as “Deponia”, “Edna & Harvey: The Breakout”, “Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes”, “The Whispered World and A New Beginning”, collecting fourteen German Game Developer Awards (incl. “Studio of the Year 2009”), four German Computer Game Awards (incl. “Best Game 2011”), two Red Dot Design Awards and more. As a publisher, Daedalic has released outstanding and unique games like “Machinarium”, “Tales of Monkey Island” and “Swords & Soldiers”.

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