Daedalic Entertainment part 2 – Blackguards

Daedalic Entertainment part 2 – Blackguards
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Daedalic Entertainment is known for their clever adventure games, but now they’re taking the first step into a new frontier of tactical turn-based RPGs with their upcoming title Blackguards. Executive producer Kai Fiebig shares some outstanding distinctive reasons as to why this role-playing game will stand out among the others.

Instead of playing the role of a hero, you’re playing the role of a convicted murderer on the run embarking on a mission across the vast continent of Aventuria on the planet Ethra which is set in The Dark Eye universe (from the popular German pen-and-paper role-playing game).

Even with death and betrayal following your footsteps through landscapes full of peril as well as savage beauty, you’re the only one who can rescue the world from a great and terrible darkness. Among the numerous assignments to complete, your overall goal is to find out why everyone thinks you killed your friend. Despite being an outcast with a grim background, you’ll have up to six companions made up of various outlaws with detailed back-stories who’ll join your fellowship, thus becoming the ‘Blackguards’. However, each has sheets of abilities to supervise such as armor, spells, weapons and of course inventory. At the same time, they are degenerates with flaws which also need attention and might hinder the expedition, like a dwarf with a rough temper, a half-elf addicted to drugs, an intoxicated lust-driven wizard, and more. If you accidentally attack a friend or people you’re rescuing from dire circumstances, they’ll attack back and there won’t be room for reconciliation. Don’t forget about the countless lethal creatures, enemies and other wicked minions you’re bound to come upon.


For every single location you venture into, whether it be a spot in the forest or a dungeon room, there’s either something to find or something to be done.

There’s a hexagonal grid available to help you know your placement in the game, most beneficial for identifying and remembering dangerous areas such as mud pools in the dark woods where you might get stuck.

The game’s mostly linear campaign is played in five acts; there are 197 battlenets, optional side-quests, 150 reward achievements, immense interactive 3D-environments, captivating visuals, a skill system with complete control of every member in your party, even the opportunity to lure opponents into traps.

Look forward to having up to 40 hours of diverse gameplay, broad mythology, surprising twists, clever challenges and multiple endings to an epic storyline. There’s no random style and nothing is repetitive.

Each decision made determines where you’ll end up in the game. Although you’re the protagonist, you’re not a hero. How bad do you want to be?

This isn’t just an RPG, it’s the ultimate RPG.

A release is scheduled for Q3 2013 and available primarily for PC. Xbox and PS4 versions might follow later.



About Daedalic Entertainment

Established in 2007, Daedalic Entertainment develops and publishes high-quality computer and video games worldwide, focusing on the production of entertainment software with strong narratives. The company based in Hamburg, Germany, offers international partners its services in the fields of development, publishing and consulting.

Daedalic has enjoyed great acclaim with the release of adventure same milestones such as “Deponia”, “Edna & Harvey: The Breakout”, “Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes”, “The Whispered World and A New Beginning”, collecting fourteen German Game Developer Awards (incl. “Studio of the Year 2009”), four German Computer Game Awards (incl. “Best Game 2011”), two Red Dot Design Awards and more. As a publisher, Daedalic has released outstanding and unique games like “Machinarium”, “Tales of Monkey Island” and “Swords & Soldiers”.

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