Daedalic Entertainment part 1 – The Night of the Rabbit

Daedalic Entertainment part 1 – The Night of the Rabbit
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C + 2 had the privilege of meeting with some extraordinary game developers and designers who have long recognized the need for good interactive storytelling in video games, most especially point-and-click adventure games. While the game play stimulates our minds, the story stimulates our imaginations.

Not too long ago, some believed adventure games were dead. We all know this is far from the truth. They are alive, thriving and are celebrated in quite a few countries. German developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment understands this very well and shares an intense, inventive passion for the genre. During the conference, they discussed four amazing upcoming titles that are sure to please avid fans of adventure.

First is The Night of the Rabbit, a visual tale created by Matthias Kempke, full of rich hand-drawn graphics, an open world full of fantasy to travel around, and an interactive story that’ll touch hearts and charm players of all ages. The main character is an enthusiastic twelve-year-old named Jerry Hazelnut, who one day wants to be a magician. Living at home with his mother in the countryside, through strange occurrences he finds himself transported to an fascinating realm known as Mousewood, ruled by enchantment and talking animals.

An elegantly dressed rabbit by the name of Marquis de Hato appears along the way to help young Jerry to work towards achieving his dream and mastering the craft of magic.

The player takes on the role of Jerry Hazelnut, journeying with him as he discovers all sorts of mysteries, solves puzzles and encounters unusual characters. From the shadows of Mousewood, an evil force is watching with a sinister plot yet to be revealed, and only Jerry has the power to stop it, but not without the help of the player who must solve a number of puzzles throughout the game.

With endless times and endless possibilities to explore, creative director Jan Müller-Michaels describes the lush world of Mousewood as the childhood beneath our perception.

“Every genre has its own experience. With adventure games there’s a story, but you can’t ‘play’ the story because it’s nonlinear. Linear stories have endings, to tell an interactive story is very different from telling a story in a game,” Müller-Michaels explains.

The stunning graphics give a mere glimpse of the glorious wonders that await in The Night of the Rabbit. Positive buzz is already sweeping across the web.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a truly special game!

Its release is scheduled for May 29th for PC and Mac.



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