Cosplay at Wondercon 2012!

Cosplay at Wondercon 2012!

Cosplay at Wondercon 2012!

by Gina

This past weekend, I attended Wondercon for the first time! Wondercon, a comic and pop-culture convention, is a small spin-off of the annual San Diego Comic-Con.

While it is usually held in San Jose, this year it was held in the Anaheim Convention Center, one of my favorite event venues. Besides being in an awesomely convenient location (Close to both Disneyland and Angel Stadium), the convention center itself is gorgeous, with roomy ballrooms and hallways, very stylized, modern architecture and beautiful windows that let in the perfect amount of natural light.

Anaheim Convention Center

Staircases and in front of the giant windows were popular spots for cosplayers to converge for mini-photoshoots — and speaking of cosplayers, there were many! Of course, being a comic convention, Marvel and DC Universe characters dominated the scene. If you were there on Saturday, you would have seen several amazing Wonder Woman cosplayers, as well as cosplay of Teen Titans, Captain America, X-men, Avengers, Justice League, and more.  Video game cosplay also took up a majority of the costumes – there was even a full Noble Team from Halo featuring all the spartans! However, without a doubt the costumes that really stole the show were the Transformers cosplayers:

Autobot group at Wondercon 2012

Bumblebee, Optimus and Ironhide were being mobbed everywhere they went. These amazing folks literally could not take a single step without being stopped. If you were lucky enough you could catch a quick photo with them amid a biiig crowd of admirers all lining up for a photo op!

Even from a simple photo, you can tell that an insane amount of skill and craftsmanship went into these costumes, and they were even more amazing to behold in person. LED-lights and other nifty gadgets made these costumes shine even in the dark. Bumblebee even had a built-in radio that could play up to 4 different soundtracks at the push of a button! The costumes were also built well enough to allow for plenty of mobility, as Bumblebee was quick to demonstrate while grooving to LMFAO’s “I’m sexy and I know it”:


(click to watch video)

Of course, what’s the fun in attending a convention such as Wondercon without dressing up yourself? As you could probably guess from the above photo, I attended Wondercon in my cosplay of Lilith from Borderlands!

It was so much fun to meet other fans of the game. Several people to came up to me to tell me how excited they were to see a Borderlands cosplay and how they couldn’t wait for Borderlands 2 to be released. As a cosplayer, you know you’ve done a good job when a fan of the game can recognize you from across the room and prompt strangers to proclaim their love of a game just by seeing your costume :)

Some more cosplay photos from Saturday of Wondercon!

Archer cosplay at Wondercon 2012

I wish I had the time to describe to you all the wonders I saw at Wondercon, from the fantastic cosplay to the amazing merchandise in the exhibit hall to the special guests that were in attendance. I also wanted to attend some panels but the most popular ones had lines that were several hours long! I could go on and on about the fun I had, but the best way to experience this is in person, so hopefully you will be enticed to go see for yourself next year!

For more information about Wondercon, visit:

Lastly, I wish I had been able to meet up with my fellow C+2 model & journalist Sarah at the con, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to – but judging from her wondercon article it sure seems like she had a blast, and was able to cover aspects of the convention that I didn’t get to, so be sure to visit her blog and read about her adventure as well!