ConnectiCon 2012 Con Report by Madeline

ConnectiCon 2012 Con Report by Madeline


ConnectiCon is one of the biggest conventions in the New England area. In fact, the only conventions larger than it are PAX East and Anime Boston. Having been to ConnectiCon in 2009 and 2010, I was naturally looking forward to the experience.

Day 1: Arrived bright and early at the Connecticut Convention Centre! Stepped out in my Rinoa Heartilly costume and the first person I see is a pretty girl dressed as Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. Naturally, I had to get a photo with her:




I first walked around the dealer’s room, then headed over to the video gaming section and played Mario and Sonic Go to the London Olympic Games for the first time! It was a good game and had many different events although I would not buy the game myself. Later that evening I went to the AMV show. AMV stands for Anime Music Video. They are a convention staple as many convention goes love to watch a block of their favourite anime series set to popular music. Here is my personal favourite from this year’s show:

Day 2: Woke up and immediately went to the Bento panel! Bento is the art of creating a tasty and visually pleasing homemade lunch in Japanese culture. Although the panel was not a hands-on demonstration, I did get quite a few ideas on how to get started on making my own bento.




As I walked out of the panel, I saw a familiar character walk across the convention floor. It was Ratchet from Transformers! As some of you may already know, I have a Bumblebee cosplay also made of pillow foam so I was overjoyed to see a fellow Transformers fan in costume.

Day 3: Woke up too early to make it to a 9:00am panel. Sometimes at conventions there is so much to fit into the schedule that I end up trying to run on five hours of sleep per night. So I made my sleepy way into the Vacuum Forming panel. It was pretty informative and all of the steps/expenses involved have given me a new-found appreciation for all the stormtroopers out there. It’s not easy to work with blazing hot plastic! After walking around the dealer’s room one more time and nomming on some lo-mein, my friends and I decided we were finished with the con. Although ConnectiCon was fun, we felt that we were outgrowing the convention and what it had to offer. Hopefully next  year will bring new convention experiences :)

Madeline’s Rating: 3/5