Color Me: Random

Color Me: Random
Day One

Let me just say… I despise L.A. traffic. Their bumper to bumper, threading between each other, blinkers are useless attitudes…scare the crap out of me. As well as though motorcyclist that ride between cars….are you insane?! Maybe, I’m just a small town girl with zero tolerance for aggressive drivers or just a chicken, whatever the case may be….it was ridiculous. Let me just say, for future E3 goers…stay right next to the Expo building or take public transportation. It will save you a  lot of stress if you don’t have to drive!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Right after I got of the plane we hustled down to pick up Cami from a Hostel in Santa Monica (I believe) and it was a rather charming sight. Cami stood next to a piece of luggage that I could have easily hidden myself in and almost stood as tall as me. It was pretty cute. It might seem a lot to other people, but she was lucky enough to come early and hang out next to the beach. So the extra attire was necessary.  Nervous as I was to meet her, she’d been incredibly pleasant and willing to jump in on conversation whenever it presented itself. Needless to say, I had a good feeling about Charisma Plus 2 because of this first impression.

We took off to a local Mongolian BBQ, had some dinner and took in the sights before being persuaded by my friend to stop at Diddy Risces for an ice cream sandwich. I say persuaded because the line outside of this desert shop was…I kid you not…long enough to keep us outside for a good half hour before any of use crossed the threshold. It was worth the wait! I recommend it for any sweet toothers out there. If you’re daring….be like me and do a Brown Mint Chocolate Chip Sandwich, instead of a cookie sandwich. It’s a challenge!

After dessert we headed home and settled in, and in an attempt to prepare ourselves for the following day, we’d play a few rounds of Halo Reach. Cami and I were pretty even, and then she stomped me in the following game. No surprise, she’s a champ. It was nice getting the chance to game and calm down from adrenaline rush of knowing E3 was coming only a few hours away…..