Color Me: Eager

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures yet, as I seem to have forgotten that I had a camera. Oops. Oh well, it would have been pointless shots of L.A. anyways. No fun, right? Anyways, the flight from Idaho to California was pretty decent. Shortest flight I’ve taken in a while, which is always something to be thankful for and gratefully, they did not lose my luggage. They did, however, attempt to transport a handcuffed criminal on the plane. Attempt failed. Thank you…very much. Interestingly enough, it didn’t take more than the connected flight to find people attending and or talking about E3. Two guys with their DSs sat a few seats away from me and one of them on the plane was attempting to show an elderly woman how to use it. Cute. The moment I got to baggage claim, there was a group of Europeans, because myself and friends could not identify their language, that took pictures of the limo gents with a Nintendo Sign. Literally, the 8×11 piece of white paper with NINTENDO on it, held by limo drivers, got a group full of people with cameras crowding around them. For a PIECE OF PAPER. If I haven’t got my point across about how much of an impact Nintendo has made…then you’re just not getting it. Anyways…the venture out of the airport led us to snag miss Cami, staying at the local hostel. Fancy that I wasn’t the only one who immediately projected that name to be creepy; although, she said it housed an entertaining group of people. She’s adorable, upon first meeting her, myself and my friend zeroed in on the rather LARGE suitcase at her side. Seriously, either see or myself could hide in that thing…no problem. Here I thought my duffel bag was too big, granted she’d been in town much longer than I. So it wasn’t unrealistic. We snagged some food at the local Mongolian BBQ and followed up with an ice cream sandwich at Diddy Rieces. Home made cookies and brownies, all kinds and your favorite ice cream, planted right in the middle. The line for this? Over half an hour and it was already 9:00 pm. Worth the wait? Def. After heading home, we hopped on Halo for a bit were we came up even in the first game but the second left a bruise on my little ego. No worries. It was all for fun. I’m just to jittery sometimes. Tomorrow brings a ridiculously early rise….talking 5 a.m. early and we probably won’t get home to sleep until 2 a.m. because of all the after parties. My brain might be prepared but not my body…. I’m eager and willing….let’s see how it goes!