Clothes Inspired by Fictional Heroines: Katniss Everdeen by Kimmie

Clothes Inspired by Fictional Heroines: Katniss Everdeen by Kimmie
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With the recent success of The Hunger Games movie, ladies everywhere are looking for more wearable styles inspired by their favorite badass huntress, Katniss Everdeen! To answer that demand, I’ve taken quotes directly from the books and applied them to styles that will make you feel like a tribute yourself! May the odds be ever in your favor in these outfits!




Hunting Outfit:
“I swing my legs off the bed and slide into my hunting boots. Supple leather that has molded to my feet. I pull on trousers, a shirt, tuck my long dark braid up into a cap and grab my forage bag.”

Shirt: Mossimo Scoop Neck Tee in Heather Gray – 8.00 at Target
Pants: 1969 Bootcut Jeans in Medium Tint – 44.62 at GAP
Boots: White Mountain Loon Riding Boots in Black – 49.95 at DSW
Hat: Washed Military Hat in Army Olive – 13.99 at Sears
Bag: Military Tote Shoulder Bag S9 – 28.51 on

Reaping Day:

“To my surprise, my mother has laid out one of her own lovely dresses for me. A soft blue thing with matching shoes.”

Dress: Belted Shirtdress in Blue – 14.50 at Forever 21
Flats: Orlena Canvas Flat in Grey – 19.00 at Target
Dress: Darling Slate Blue Dress – 45.00 at
Heels: Audrey Brooke Marian Suede Pump in Grey – 59.95 at DSW

Interview Dress:
“Because my dress, oh, my dress is entirely covered in reflective precious gems, red and yellow and white with bits of blue that accent the tips of the flame design. The slightest movement gives the impression that I am engulfed in tongues of fire.”

Can we all just take a moment to lament the fact that the Tributes were NOT dolled up in Capitol-worthy couture and looked more like they were heading to Junior Prom? No wonder the Sponsor gifts were few and far between, Capitol residents didn’t take the Tributes seriously! Since this style of clothing is nearly impossible to find, not to mention unaffordable, here is my alternative to Katniss’ interview dress for the film and the one I wanted to see her wear the most, from Georgio Armani’s 2010 Fall Haute Couture line. You can’t tell me that this wouldn’t work better than that drab orange monstrosity. I get that they were going for “affordable,” but that is not what I envisioned from the Capitol.

Arena Outfit:
“Cinna has no say in my outfit, does not even know what will be in the package, but he helps me dress in my undergarments, simple tawny pants, light green blouse, sturdy brown belt, and thin, hooded black jacket that falls to my thighs. The boots…are better than I could have hoped for. Soft leather not unlike my ones at home. I think I’m finished when Cinna pulls the gold Mockingjay pin from his pocket.”

Top: Racerback Ribbed Tank in Olive – 4.50 at Forever 21
Pants: Linen-Blend Cargos in Shining Armor – 25.00 at Old Navy
Jacket: Hooded Rain Anorak in Black – 34.99 at Target
Boots: White Mountain Loon Riding Boots in Taupe – 49.99 at
Belt: Basic Leather Belt in Brown – 16.50 at
Pin: Mockingjay Prop Rep Pin – 11.34 on
Backpack: Targus Sport Backpack – 5.95 on

Games Recap Dress/”Innocent Dress”:
“Cinna comes in with what appears to be an unassuming yellow dress across his arms. I am still the ‘Girl on Fire.’ In this dress, I give the illusion of wearing candlelight. I look, very simply, like a girl. A young one.”

Dress: Tiers of Joy Yellow Lace Dress – 42.00 at Lulu’s
Shoes: Glittered Sandal – 10.50 at Charlotte Russe
Hair: Silver Arrow Headband – 23.00 by Bellamantra on
Face: Benefit Moon Beam Luminous Complexion Enhancer – 26.00 at Sephora

Victor Interview Dress:
“When Cinna comes in, he shoos them out and dresses me in a white, gauzy dress and pink shoes. Then he personally adjusts my makeup until I seem to radiate a soft, rosy glow.”

Dress: O’Neil Honalula White Gauzy Dress – 39.95 at Zumiez
Shoes: Qupid Tanya Kitten Pumps in Blush – 25.00 at Lulu’s
Face: Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact in Snow Bunny – 29.00 at Sephora
Lips: Dior Addict Lip Glow – 30.00 at Sephora

You can find this original post at my personal website,! And as always, if you try out any of these styles yourself, show us in the comments or via our Twitter and Facebook!

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Kimmie Britt is a Red Lantern in the making and better known by her intergalactic smuggler alias, killerrqueen. Pint sized and full of sarcasm, when this hardcore gaming addict and metal music fiend is not hanging out with her puppy BFF, the aptly named Luke Skywalker, you can usually find her yelling in front of some form of electronic. From acting to designing to video editing, Kimmie has a wide range of tools in her arsenal and is never afraid to use them. As if that isn’t cool enough, Kimmie is the co-founder and head of badassness at, Media Manager and gamer model for Charisma + 2, and also a budding Khaleesi. Me nem nessa.

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