CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria

CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria
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What’s there not to like about open worlds? Alright, maybe some might find them exhausting but for certainty most RPG fans would agree the freedom to explore and discover an entire digital realm is a massive addiction. Oh, let’s not forget the added opportunities to not only choose and design your own character but to wander as an adventure seeker, be a decision maker, and/or a builder of empires. The CEO’s of Larkon Studios, Inc. thought of all this and other additions when creating their epic title CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria.

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A project three years in development, this new Sandbox first-person/real time strategy/role-playing game sought funding on Kickstarter. With just a few days left on their campaign they’ve already succeeded in drawing interest and thus receiving double the amount asked for in pledges. The trailers, screenshots, a host of distinctive features, not to mention the overwhelming positive buzz on Steam community and a multitude of other sites show immense promise and dedication to gamers looking for something challenging as well as true to the genre, even three in a single game! This means you can have command of an army in Real Time Strategy mode, or switch to First Person Shooter and venture across the vast lands surrounding you. However, don’t expect tasks to come too easily. After all, bringing a kingdom back to glory comes with patience, responsibility and a great deal of choices that help shape the world you exist within.

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All players start by choosing which class they want to be in: a wizard, builder, or warrior. Then all 450 square kilometers of Ellaria becomes a glorious playground where excitement and journey awaits. There are seasonal changes, day/night cycles, and environmental changes based on situations like a gloomy forest during a time of war, or lush greenery when peace is brought about. As your character scouts numerous locations options arise to gain experience through quests, leveling up, building a powerful realm to rule with enormous cities, working economies, farming, gathering resources, controlling armies, laying siege against any and all opponents and more, yes more, in a non-linear gameplay!

Two stretch goals have been reached so far. Here’s what they include:

Controllable Siege Weapons and Cavalry – Characters have access to catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, towers, and war machines with added control of a cavalry and the ability to ride horses.

Espionage Pack – Characters can recruit and manage spies or scouts, sending them to rival clans to sabotage, espionage or assassinate dangerous leaders.


Right now there’s 2 1/2 days left to take advantage of one or two more stretch goals like the Arch-Mage Pack, Level 1 – Immersion which includes 3 new wizard subclasses with extraordinary powers. Being a backer also means exceptional rewards such as receiving a special edition, beautiful artwork, the ability to not only design spells, items, levels, quests and characters but to also have your name listed in CivCraft’s in-game credits, oh, and without a doubt a nice huge thank you from the hard working folks at Larkon Studios, Inc.!

Don’t forget dear gamers, the development team are open to hearing from those interested in contributing or suggesting ideas to make CivCraft – Legends of Ellaria as phenomenal as possible.




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