Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploits 6

Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploits 6
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In the last post, we finished up the Breakfast section of Wookie Cookies, and Other Galactic Recipes, so this time I bring you my first original: Ackbar Waffles! This adorable Admiral-Ackbar-inspired treat could lead the rebellion to victory any day.


For the waffles themselves, I used this recipe.





Gather your ingredients.



(Pray your computer is not suddenly blue-screening in the background…)








Step one: Mix dry ingredients.



Then form a well in the center.





Step two: Mix wet ingredients (minus egg whites).



I added a little vanilla extract (it could also be exciting to add a little cinnamon).





Step three: Combine wet and dry ingredients (minus egg whites).



Just until moistened, it should still be lumpy.




Step four: Beat egg whites until stiff.



Getting stiff peaks in egg whites is way too complicated. I was beating those things forever. Go here for tips.





Step five: Fold egg whites into the batter.



Just barely stir them in.





Step six: Cook!



When pouring the batter, avoid going all the way to the corners to give it a more head-shaped/oval look.





Step seven: Form a face on your waffle using:

kiwi slices for the eyes,

blueberries for the nose,

and chocolate sauce for his mustache-shaped mouth.




Aahhh! A trap!DSCN7021

Don’t mess with the Admiral.DSCN7025

Admiral Waffle reporting for duty.DSCN7028

On a scale of The Emperor to Yoda, I’d give these an Uncle Owen (6.5/10). They were tasty, but those egg whites always wanted me to stay on for one more season…

I had forgotten how delicious kiwis are, and it was fun using chocolate sauce instead of syrup. Ok, let’s be honest, I ate them with chocolate sauce AND syrup.



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