Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploit 8

Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploit 8
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Today, straight from the archives of Wookie Cookies, and Other Galactic Recipes, we have Skywalker Smoothies!

Even Jedi can’t resist something this scrumptious.






Step one: Gather your ingredients.



Darth Vader ice cubes are required for the truly committed.





Step two: Add ingredients to blender.



It looks like the strawberries are covered in sugar, but it’s actually just frost.





Step three: Blend away!


Ninja vs Jedi.


Who would win?





Step four: Decide if you want an optional ingredient.


You could add ice cream or frozen yogurt. I made one with and one without frozen yogurt. They were both delicious. The frozen yogurt made it creamier, which I preferred. It also made it thicker though, so if you want it to stay drinkable you might want to add more juice as well. I just went at it with a spoon.





Forgive the off-theme glasses. Skywalkers love superheroes too.


On a scale of The Emperor to Yoda, I’d give these a solid Leia (8/10). They were totally working for the good of all (delicious and healthy).



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