Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploit 3

Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploit 3
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Hello there, good to see you again!

This week we have Oola-La French Toast, from Wookie Cookies, and Other Galactic Recipes. This tasty treat is in honor of Oola: the Twi’lek dancer who met an unfortunate end in Jabba’s rancor pit.



Step one: Make the egg mix (although, it may be hard to stay on task if you wish you were playing League of Legends like your husband).




Step two: Transfer the egg mix to a flat dish.



(Note: I would recommend at least doubling if not quadrupling the recipe for the egg mix.)






Step three: Coat the bread in the egg mix.



I think it tastes better if you let it soak for a minute, but if you do the mix won’t last for as many pieces of bread.






Step four: Fry ‘em up!



(I used Pam instead of butter, due to the Ackbar situation we had last week…)





Step five: Our new favorite trick…



Keep warm in the oven while you make more.






Step six: Repeat to your heart’s content.



Make plenty because they’re delicious.



Grab a couple friends and you’ve got your own Jabba’s Palace!


crop DSCN6435


I usually enjoy powdered sugar on French toast, but once again these were so yummy they didn’t even need anything else.


On a scale of The Emperor to Yoda, I’d give these an Obi-Wan (9/10) because they were elusive at first but ended up being awesome.



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