Chef C.J.’s 2nd Galactic Culinary Exploit

Chef C.J.’s 2nd Galactic Culinary Exploit
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Welcome to the second edition of Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploits! I feel like it should have a fun acronym, but I don’t know if CCGCE really flows off the tongue… What do you think?

This time we’re making C-3PO Pancakes, the second recipe from Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes. These golden pancakes are topped with a delicious pineapple ring, reminiscent of everyone’s favorite uptight droid.





To begin, make sure you have all your ingredients ready.






(And watch out for peeping jawas.)





Step one: Make the batter.



I didn’t get any eggshells in it or anything!



Step two: Ignore the recipe when it tells you to brush the pan with melted butter.

It's a trap




The butter will go crazy and smoke and burn the pancake.





Then when it tells you to re-brush the pan after each cake you will burn the brush.





Then you will be sad.








Step three: Use Pam and make beautiful pancakes.




(Still be wary of burning though, I had to turn down the heat and cut down the time as well).




Step four: Now that we’re back on track, slap a pineapple ring on there for droidy goodness.


Can’t you just see him standing there, distraught, in the the deserts of Tatooine?





Step five: Keep them warm in the oven while you make more.



I thought this was just brilliant, and it can be used for more than just C-3POs!



Step six: Just cook the rest of the batter and you’ll have a plateful of delicious pancakes warm and ready to eat. I don’t think they even need butter and syrup, the juicy pineapples make them scrumptious enough to eat like cookies!


Take this opportunity to take silly droid pictures.



On a scale of The Emperor to Yoda, I’d give these a Luke Skywalker (7/10) because they started out annoying but turned out well.




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