Charimsa+2’s Sarah attends San Diego Comic-Con

Charimsa+2’s Sarah attends San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is an event that I had anticipated for quite some time. I love seeing all of the Cosplay and other exciting things at this convention. It’s a wonderful atmosphere for any gamer. Attending the event alone was a dream come true but I was also thrilled to be able to attend the event with my sister, Heather. Unfortunately, we did not able to wear the matching costumes that we planned on wearing because we didn’t get them made in time. In order to celebrate the event to its full potential we will be dressing up as different characters each day of Comic-Con next year. At the start of the show the only thing running through my mind was how many things that I was excited to see. The anticipation was killing me while on our way to the convention, and once we got there I was pleased to find out that I was not anticipating the event for no good reason because it was one of the most impressive weeks of my life!

When I first arrived, I picked up my pass, and headed straight to the area that held most of the video game publishers. My first stop was THQ to check out South Park: Stick of Truth. At the booth you were able to create your own South Park character and after it was created on one of the computers the character was printed out and handed to you to take home as a souvenir. After that you were taken in to a building that looked exactly like the school from the cartoon. In the building attendees were able to watch the live demo of the game South Park: The Stick of Truth. What came to a pleasant surprise was that the game is very similar to watching an episode of the show. It’s such a unique game; something that I’m really looking forward to.

Next we went to the Square Enix booth. Square Enix showed off hands-on demos for Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution, Kingdom Hearts, and a Manga book.  At the booth they had passport system in order to collect some free items.  Whenever you played one of their games you would get a stamp on your passport, once you collected all of the stamps you could trade it in for some limited edition pins from some of the games. There were also other freebies available for a limited time each day centered on Square Enix games. These included a replicate of Agent 47’s tie from Hitman: Absolution, a Hitman mouse pad, and a foam cleaver from Sleeping Dogs. The Square Enix was one of my favorite of the whole convention because I am highly anticipating several of the games they had to show.

A while later we headed outside into the Gas Lamp District because there was so much going on even outside of the Convention Center. They had bike carriages with popular cartoons characters in 3D on the back. The characters were from shows like The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy and the Cleveland Show. All of the stores and restaurants were celebrating Comic-Con also. Even the M.A.C. makeup store took part in the festivities by inviting the creator of the comic Archie. The creator would draw a comic like picture of people for a limited time in order to help launch the new Archie line of M.A.C. IGN had taken over a restaurant in one of the hotels to show some games and give away some prizes. I was able to spin IGNs wheel and win a free shirt. There were many game lounges all around the gas lamp district which feature hands-on previews for unreleased titles. Microsoft, Nintendo and SEGA all had lounges opened to all people not just those with a pass to the show. There are so many festivities going on outside of the show that people can almost see just as much outside as they do inside. It proves that you don’t need a pass to enjoy Comic-Con.

My next stop was the Nintendo Lounge at the Marriot hotel next door to the convention center. I was able to get my hands on several Wii U titles. My favorite Wii U game on display was Zombi U. Although many games impressed me its originality and maturity made it different from most Nintendo games. This game not only captured my attention but could easily have been named a fan favorite game from those who got a hold of it. Some of the other Wii U games on display included Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, New Super Mario Bros U, and Pikmin 3. There were also several Nintendo 3DS titles that fans were also able to play along with a great set up for Just Dance 3. It was fun to see how many people got involved with Just Dance. Despite the four players that were able to play at once as many as 20 people gathered around to dance for each song. The Nintendo lounge was like a true party for gamers. Not only was the Nintendo lounge packed full for fun games, great music and dancing but they were also generous about giving away freebies. Giveaways in the Nintendo Lounge included a Kirby 20th anniversary poster, Pokémon Black and White 2 bookmarks, and New Super Mario Bros t-shirt.

Next I headed back into the convention center. I had noticed that there was a Darksiders II scavenger hunt going on and knew I needed to take part. At locations around the convention center you were able to collect a tarot card that ties into the game. After collecting all three of the cards hidden throughout the convention, attendees took them to the Darksiders II booth to collect a signed last card. These cards are a collector’s item for this game. It was great collecting them all. On the back of the cards, when placed in a certain order, it reveals a neat picture of the games main character, Death. Also at the Darksiders booth I was also able to play the demo. The game did not fail to impress and even with the lengthy demo I was left itching to play more. Once players finished the demo they were rewarded with a limited edition Darksiders Comic-Con T-shirt.

The Capcom booth was next on my agenda. I had noticed they were doing a signing for DMC as I approached so I quickly jumped in line to meet the development team. I waited in line for a short amount of time and was able to get a poster signed by the team. Capcom had the largest gaming booth at the show and had large unreleased titles like Lost Planet 3, DMC and Resident Evil 6 on display. They also had a slew of smaller games to play that were fun also. The area where Resident Evil was being shown looked just like an area from the game. It was draped with clothing lines and had a dark grimly feeling. Playing Resident Evil 6 in that setting took the demo to new length, it felt like the player was in the game; even when their eye were off the screen. After the Resident Evil experience I got a hands on preview to Lost Planet 3. This game was popular among attendees. The demo turned out to be pleasing. The way they drew out emotion on a game that has such great game play was impressive. This is a title that I am truly anticipating.

Capcom was my last stop at Comic-Con on day one. The day was better than I could have imagined and I could not wait to return!  

After seeing most of what I had wanted to see at the convention during day 1, I thought I should spend the rest of the days catching up on the things I had missed. Something that I had missed during day 1 and really wanted to see was Assassins Creed 3. I headed over there first. Upon entering the theatre for the game I was given a blow up Tomahawk, just like the one Connor will use in the game. It was an exciting live demo to watch because every time Connor preformed a Tomahawk kill, the crowd was instructed to shake their Tomahawk. This demo was truly impressive and packed full of information that made every player anticipate this renowned game that much more. The graphics were truly amazing. Everything to the amount of characters on screen at one time to Connors movements was spot on perfect. Watching the live demo in this circumstance got my blood flowing twice as fast. Assassin’s Creed III will be a game that everyone should get; it seems as if it has literally been executed perfectly.

Next I headed outside and into the Hard Rock Hotel to go the Xbox lounge. There were several playable games at this lounge; Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer and many more. They also had nice snacks and drinks. Tomb Raider was a thrill to play. It was exciting and dramatic; something that any gamer would like. This game felt so new and yet it is a title from an older series. This is something that I believe every person will find a love in… even non-gamers will be able to get into the storyline of Tomb Raider. I was also impressed with the way it was set up in the Xbox lounge. It was great how you did not need a Comic-Con pass in order to go in the lounge to play. Most lounges outside of the convention center were opened to the general public without a pass and still less crowded then the convention inside.

I also checked out the Sega lounge, GameSpot Lounge and Nerd HQ. At the Sega lounge I was able to play Sonic All Star Racing Transformed. They had an original prop from the Alien movie in the lounge which was larger than life and so neat to be able to see.

 The Gamespot lounge had many games and free posters. They also had all you can eat appetizers and drinks. Nerd HQ had Gear of War Judgment’s new multiplayer mode Overrun. This mode is so new to Gears of War and will be a delight to any fan. It seems like Beast mode but revamped to new heights with having one team of human players controlling the COG while the others take control of multiple Locust beasts. The goal is either to protect or destroy a generator depending on the team you are placed on. It is a competitive mode but a mode that doesn’t stress how many kills or deaths a player has, which makes it easy to play. Gears of War: Judgment was among several other games at the lounge.

Bioware created a base outside of the convention center in order to recreate Mass Effects Purgatory Bar. In the Purgatory bar the cast and development team of Mass Effect 3 was doing a signing for fans. The fans were able to bring their copies of the game or other things to get signed. I was able to get a post card signed and a photo with a few of the cast members. Each and every cast member were so nice to the people waiting to meet them, it was an all around pleasurable experience to be able to meet them.

The rest of my time at Conic Con was spent just browsing the show floor. I saw a lot of cool people in Cosplay and a lot of other exciting things. San Diego Comic-Con is an event that is sure to impress any gamer, comic book fan and other ‘nerds’. I am already felling the anticipation of next year’s Comic-Con!