C+2 Magazine Manager – C.J. Lassiter

C+2 Magazine Manager – C.J. Lassiter
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Charisma+2 is proud to announce their new

C+2 Magazine Manager

C.J. Lassiter

C.J. Lassiter is a new addition to Charisma+2 and she is thrilled to be a part of such an awesome team. Though we are grateful to have had some amazing contributors helping us get to our new format and whenever needed, we have not had anyone running the magazine since 2011 when we had the flip style magazine, which is still relevant and beautiful if you have not seen it! Below was our Beauty Issue, but you can see many more (with more game and event coverage by the models)  Here.

Although not with Charisma+2 nearly as long as some of the other 200 models, CJ hit the ground running and has already started a series of Star Wars cooking articles for the C+2 Magazine (Chef C.J.’s Galactic Culinary Exploits). She even got to do a photoshoot for Oblanc headphones.



Want to know a little more about CJ?


C.J. can remember playing Zoombinis and Myst as a child, but she feels like gaming really started for her in middle school on the Nintendo 64 with 1080, Podracing, and Ocarina of Time. These days she loves her MMOs. She has played Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2. She’ll even throw in a MOBA too with League of Legends. In addition to her PC, she also has an Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3; and is currently playing through Final Fantasy 13 and loving Lightning’s hair.

C.J. took her love of games a step further last summer when she got a job doing QA and Sound Design at Checkpoint Studios. She followed that up with a Contract Composer position at Xseed Games, and looks forward to seeing where else her journey on the other side of the industry will take her.

For more about C.J., check out her Charisma+2 model profile.

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