Bringing awareness to mental health, C+2 has charity stream for Take This

Bringing awareness to mental health, C+2 has charity stream for Take This
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UPDATE: The stream was a beautiful success:

I’m sitting here, misty eyed. Savoring the awesomeness that the Take This Project stream went exactly how I envisioned. No one was to be stressed by this, including me. It was to show a diversity of before, during, and after depression points of view. I had also wanted people who could provide tips on how to survive it and shows tips on how to avoid it before it started and with with all ages, lifestyles, and occupations from game devs to actors. I am one blessed individual. — with Katie Boettcher, Andre Carlos, Sean Stone, Lisa Richards, Lily Luu, David Eddings and Zach Thomas.

Final Schedule! To donate to TakeThis- just click

1pm CDT : CLAPTRAP voice dude David Eddings will be on so prepare your questions for his AMA!

Due to being in the midst of exciting, upcoming event plans Pete Hines is unable to stream on Wednesday so will be streaming on Friday at the Bethesda studios!

SO instead…. 

2-3pm CDT : Yvonna will be doing some Twitch Creative game die jewelry to be given away to lucky donators throughout the stream. 



3-4pm CDT DropZone from the Devs at SparkyPants! featuring NinjaMuffin and CommandLion playing their new hit F2P DropZone

4-6pm CDT Yvonna will be cycle gaming and talking about depression, anxiety, grief AND the healthy responses she learned on how to cope with such things!

6pm CDT! Zack, of id software, and his daughter Trinity are featured for the Take This charity stream! Their interaction and co-op buddy playstyle mirror their fun relationship irl! Tune in for smiles and a precocious, charming little girl you’ll just love!

At 7pm CT, both of these actors are talented enough to have their own hour but are also in love enough to share their time, Katie and Sean will help show us how to get motivated to get out of the game chair with a beginner’s workout AND show us how to make Katie’s yummy, energy giving, weightloss green shake!

Psst- if you have questions about how they stay in love, balanced in life, and generally awesome- they can share how they approach such things!
TT 5.17.17 Sean n Katie


Last but definitely not least is Lily Lu. Working for Lucasfilm, Sony, Deep Silver, and Brand Product Manager for the likes of Ubisoft, and post launch content on games like For Honor, The Division, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watch Dogs 2, Might and Magic… You might be asking yourself- How on earth could Lily get depressed, she is living the dream! Well she has said that she would love to open up and share in order to help others who might be going through hurts. Lily Lu has a special place in our hearts because while all these things were going on, she was also our Miss March in the Charisma+2 Calendar as Little Red Riding Hood. Please Join her as she streams to benefit!

HOW DO YOU DONATE? Glad ya Asked! Here ya go

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