Board games are games too!

Board games are games too!

Surprise! This blog is going to be completely unrelated to video games but that’s okay, because people who play board games are gamers too! I thought it’d be about time to pay homage to where it all started before games got all…controller based.

As much as you might think this blog is going to be about monopoly or scrabble, it’s not….this is going to be about those board games that average gamers don’t know anything about. You know those geeky little shops that sell D&D dice? Well, they aren’t just there for Magic the Gathering and figurines. No, they hold a more significant purpose. They hold some of the rarest games that you’d ever find on a retail shelf. Sorry Walmart, Toys’r'us and other chain corporations….these games are too elite for you!

Let me start you out with a taste of …

card game Instructions available in 3 different languages! In case you couldn’t see the flags.

The Resistance is game about deception, getting other players to believe you’re innocent, when you’re really the Spy to their Sentry.  (A little TF2 reference to the video gamers out there..) It doesn’t contain a lot of pieces but for what it’s worth (about $15 – $20  depending on the store) it’s a fantastic game and is guaranteed to keep you playing for a few hours. At least, with our party of seven, it did.

There are two character roles to the game; Resistance (the good guys) and Spies (the bad guys), each with their own prerogative. The Resistance want to complete the missions, the Spies want to sabotage, simple enough, right? Well, not really. Especially when you don’t know who’s good and who’s bad.

Each player gets a card at random and should not reveal the card, unless they want to end the game abruptly. Boo. No fun. The leader of the round picks individuals, at random, to go on a mission…if the group approves of the two people picked, it gets a majority Yes vote from the group and visa versa for the Nos. Without knowing who’s good and who’s bad, it makes it tough on figuring out who is going to sabotage the mission and who isn’t.

It’s a pretty quick game that can be given time lengtheners and plot thickeners if the run of the mill isn’t challenging enough.

For those familiar it’s a cross between Battle Star Galactica and Werewolves. It’s a defiant recommend to any of you gamers who want to step away from the TV or Monitor for the night. 

I’ll be bringing you more unique games this week…as it gives me something to do and I love to spread the word about the unknown!