Behind the Scenes OSD: Part 3

Behind the Scenes OSD: Part 3
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Behind the Scenes OSD 12 Part3

If you missed Part 1, click Here! For Part 2, click Here

Everything is coming together and some early guests are arriving.

We had some pretty awesome guests, like Matt, who took some time out to troubleshoot (or confirm that Ashley’s troubleshooting actually) was dead on accurate and that the wifi suddenly and untimely decided to be less than 1up. We also had Carnage show up! Who graciously offered to help out with some QuakeLive lessons in the near future! Watch out, QCguys, Ashley is getting better and better!


My favorite shot of the streaming girls, Chanel and KillerrQueen all set up and ready to go to chat with one of our special guests, Director, producer and voice actor Mike McFarland ( if you don’t know his face- you definitely know his voice- here is his IMDB and Anime New Network link!

So remember when I mentioned in Part 1 about a developer friend with whom I had lost contact? Turns out, Hunter Woodlee, CEO at Controlled Chaos,  has been busy as a bee and just happened to be jogging by and saw our posters and dropped in for a sec! Nice! I am not peeved with him as it may seem, more just like in utter shock omg, where have you been! I was worried about you :)

People are starting to file in, like Skitten’s friend Jean-Fredric and dear C+2 friend, Jam (who is not really worshiping the OMD poster, though it was pretty enough to merit it).

Traycee, being Yvonna’s right hand girl and overseer in preparation, taking charge of donations and raffle coupons. Look for Traycee to be in charge of the C+2 girls at the QuakeCon IGDA charity poker tourney on August 2, 2012!

We’re ready to get crackin now! Photographer Jim is ready for the photo op and the girls are ready to shoot.

And so it begins, with some Street Fighter 4 and other games.

Everyone finding their niche… Ortiz on QuakeLive, while Stephanie and Ashley are being all hood. Ya. You guys are so hood.

Whew! we did it, so now we let the 3 hour event unfold with some donating, gaming, photo taking, raffling, and visiting.

The time flew by, but Amanda, who had driven 36 hours straight non-stop to make the charity, was truly caught closing her camo eye makeup eyes and taking a little baby nap after the guests had left. Night night all. See you again for our Veteran’s Day charity event in November.

One final thanks again to all our fabulous sponsors

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