In a time where the Calamity has caused destruction on the world of
Caelondia, you play as “The Kid” who fights through an apocalyptic
mess to get to the last standing stronghold, the Bastion, in order to
rebuild.  As you begin your journey, you are accompanied by a voice, a
voice that guides you through the story as the world assembles beneath
your feet, giving almost a play-by-play of the campaign, but also
creating a connection between you and this fantasy world.  Logan
Cunningham, a first-time video game actor and narrator of Bastion,
brings depth to this Action RPG by using a certain dour tone.  The
stylization of which the narration combined with the music gives the
game an old-time, western feel.  Super Giant Games has put serious
thought in to the artwork and musical aspects of this game because it
flows beautifully all throughout and really captures the essence of
what a collapsing world would be like.

  The Kid follows the Caelondian procedure, to get back to the
Bastion in the event of a catastrophe, only to find it nearly
abandoned and destroyed.  You are tasked with reconstructing it so
your race can survive.  In order for this to happen you search the
Skybridges in different parts of the world for Cores, which are used
to help restore the Bastion.  Each Core gives you the ability to
create a new building.  You have choices like The Distillery, where
you can choose different mystical concoctions that give you passive
attributes or The Shrine, where you can activate different Gods of
Caelondia that make the enemies more challenging.

  Throughout this mission you come to find different weaponry.  From
giant hammers to cannons, there is a wide variety you can get your
hands on to slay the enemy.  Making your way through each level you
notice that you begin to absorb fragments, which are also known as
pieces of the Old World.  These are used like currency. The game is
made in such a way where you are progressively able to customize and
upgrade yourself as well as your arsenal.  You can also be tested on
your skill with each weapon as you find and unlock them through
exploration of the Skybridges.  These tests can be found at the
Proving Grounds.  Because you are given the choice to use two weapons
during your journey, this encourages you to experiment with your
combinations and tailor it to your liking.


  Moving forward and listening to the reactive nature of the
narration, you come to find that there is more back story to this Kid
and the Calamity, which really balances the game play than just
crushing your enemies to earn fragments.  As you visit the various
parts of Caelondia, you can uncover and bring back to the Bastion
things like tools for upgrading, lost trinkets that can contain useful
information, or even survivors.  To make it not seem repetitive, those
collectible items can prove to make things more interesting.  For
instance a smoke pipe can take you back in to your memories giving you
another level for you to combat in.

  For players who can go through games in less than a day, Bastion
gives the option for New Game Plus, which will allow you to restart
the game with all the changes to the Kid and your armory intact.  With
this game mode, you can revisit any areas you might have missed,
continue to level up the Kid to open up more Distillery slots, or even
fully upgrade your weapons.  There are many different possibilities
that open up that allow you to have even more hours to play this
highly nominated arcade game.  The Kid’s journey the second or even
third time around can have you listening for a deeper meaning in the
artfully spoken commentary.  You may even pay closer attention to the
intricate detail and beauty of the world that form magically below
you.  Maybe you’ll even stop to listen to the whimsical sound of the
music playing in the background.  Either way, another round of Bastion
can give you a whole other challenge