Asylum Kickstarter, Reddit AMA, and Open-Source Game Engine

Asylum Kickstarter, Reddit AMA, and Open-Source Game Engine
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Do you have a special place in your heart for horror adventure games? If so, head over to Kickstarter to fund Senscape, the makers of the upcoming game, Asylum, as well as their game engine, Dagon, which, as of today, is now open-source.

You can even celebrate Valentine’s Day with them during their Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow, February 14 at 4pm EST. You’ll be able to find out more about their upcoming game, Asylum; their cult success, Scratches; their inspiration, H.P. Lovecraft; and their decision to make Dagon open-source.

Agustín Cordes, the lead-designer and founder of Senscape himself, shed some light on this topic:
“In response to requests of many Asylum fans as well as to the benefit of colleague developers, we have decided that the Dagon engine will be open-sourced with immediate effect. Many other game genres allow you to create mods, so why not an adventure game?”

There are only 14 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so head here to help support them, here to get access to the Dagon engine, and here for more information.

A message from the founder of Senscape, Agustín Cordes:

Dying for more? Here’s some info from the company:

About Dagon
Dagon is a game engine developed by Senscape especially tailored for adventure games and based on open technologies. Featuring a deceptively simple scripting language, blazing fast performance and high portability supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, the project aims to become a reference of the genre. This is also the backbone of the upcoming Asylum horror adventure. Dagon is free to use and open-source. For more information, visit

About Asylum
In Asylum, you set out on a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Hanwell Mental Institute, which has seen unimaginable atrocities in the past. Decay surrounds you; dread awaits you around every corner. As you traverse the endless corridors of the asylum, a disconcerting feeling of imprisonment creeps up on you… Asylum is the upcoming psychological horror adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, set in a massive mental institute that is far past its prime. Over four years in production, it aims to marry cutting edge visuals with thrilling storytelling to give players the ultimate experience of fear.

Key features include:
• Mature and disturbing horror storyline that will haunt players for years to come
• Over 15 hours of terrorizing gameplay
• Around 100 rooms to explore in breathtaking detail
• High definition graphics that remain sharp on the largest monitors
• One of the biggest virtual buildings ever created for a game
• Voice-acting by industry veteran Josh Mandel
For more information, please visit

About Senscape
Senscape was founded in 2010 by Agustín Cordes, designer of the award-winning Scratches adventure game. Based in Argentina, it aims to become a key company of independently developed videogames and in particular the adventure genre. To achieve this, Agustín has assembled an outstanding team of professionals hailing from many different industries and committed to bring only the best quality to its works. Senscape aims to merge technical prowess with compelling stories that provide rewarding and unforgettable experiences. For more information, please visit:



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