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Ashley’s Road to Getting Fit Blog
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July 1st Entry


Well as some of you may know, I gave birth on June 13th to my 2nd daughter Maiya Jade. Being a model, doing photo shoots, cons, etc for the past 6 years it is important for me to stay in shape at all times. Like literally ALL times. So when I first learned I was pregnant again, I knew I was going to have to really buckle down! Now, it was super hard for me not to splurge. I mean seriously, what pregnant chick do you know has the self-discipline to turn up her nose at the thought of red velvet cake? It’s just not going to happen. However, when I did give into my cravings it’s important to know that YES I am eating for two, but that doesn’t mean I need to eat 2 breakfast plates, 2 lunches plates, 2 dinner plates, and 2 servings of that yummy desert on the menu. I think the term “eating for two” is really more geared towards remembering what you are” putting in your body” than how much. Anyways, I am starting this blog because a few girls have asked me how I have lost so much weight in so little time after giving birth. Hopefully, my plan can help not just my friends who have had babies, but also anyone wanting to start working on a healthier way to live.



I started my diet yesterday with the help of my hubby/baby daddy/trainer- Shawn Stenberg. In August will be our 5 year anniversary, and almost our whole relationship I ate nothing but Mac & Cheese. I absolutely HATE HATE.. DID I SAY HATE YET? HATTTEEE almost all vegetables. It’s also rare that I eat any fruit either. I seriously just consumed anything pasta, beef and sometimes chicken. I sometimes wonder if there is a rehab for being addicted to bad carbs? Anyways, getting back to my diet, Shawn put me on a NO CARB diet. Meaning, no Mac n Cheese, Alfredo, Crackers, Butter.. everything I normally eat.  I am trying to cut weight ASAP. There are still a few more gigs left this year that I would like to be hired for so this is what I ate yesterday.

images (2)


Goal: Eat every 2-3 hours

Breakfast- 2-3 eggs, seasoned with only salt and pepper. Also drink one bottle of water as soon as I wake up.

Snack- 1 Activia Yogurt, with a glass of milk

Lunch- Chicken Caesar Salad with ONLY ITALIAN dressing. Another bottle of water

Snack- Chicken Caesar Salad with ONLY ITALIAN dressing. Another bottle of water

Dinner- Grilled chicken seasoned with only lemon, salt and pepper cooked till 155 degrees inside and a serving of asparagus and peppers, another bottle of water.

Before Bed- Last glass of milk.


I drink a lot of milk because I am breast feeding and I have read it helps with the production. I had a hard time eating all the vegetables. I really should have ate 2 servings throughout the day. So I am hoping I can come up with a different plan tomorrow on how to eat both servings.



Now, my workout plan will probably be a little different then what I normally can do, just because I gave birth and I have to be cautious about what workouts I can handle. So far I have ran/speed walked for 1 mile each day. Tomorrow I will be headed to the gym to start some light workouts. I will post what routines I started in Wednesday’s entry. If you are reading this and just gave birth as well, it’s important to be very careful and go by your doctor’s orders. He/She will be able to tell you what you can do and what you need to look out for. This is also a good reference if you like to read up on the topic. This is actually the work out I plan to try out tomorrow J


My Goal:




Well that’s it for Day 1. This will really be a challenge for me to stay consistent with. I have worked out and dieted in the past, but not this strict of a diet. This is really my main obstacle I have to overcome and man I am determined to do it. The thought of diet and exercise always sounds ideal and an exciting new lifestyle, but you really put yourself to the challenge once you start. I really have to stay focused, no cheat days and adjust to this new lifestyle quickly!



Lbs lost-2 ( I started running over the weekend)

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