A-Kon 2012 Mini-cap by Rheya!

A-Kon 2012 Mini-cap by Rheya!
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Holy frijoles. A-kon 2012.

Every year (for the past 23 years) Dallas holds A-Kon, a massive 3 day anime convention that people spend months to even slightly over a year to prepare for whether it’s cosplay or being a booth. I luckily had the opportunity to go on behalf of Charisma+2 and NOS to get some coverage. IT WAS AWESOME. And packed. AWESOMELY PACKED…or not so awesome?..definitely awesome.

SO. MUCH. COSPLAY. My Little Pony, BioShock, My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, giant marshmallows, My Little Pony, Team Fortress 2..did I mention My Little Pony? One of my favorites has to be a certain Cloud and Sephiroth. I have a picture of them, but it’s kind of blurry :( okay, a lot blurry :( I also have a picture of an epic Sailor Moon group. EPIC.

ANYWAY. There were panels upon panels and unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any because it was so packed and I was somewhat on a time schedule, but SO MANY that I wish I could have gone to. Anime Music Appreciation, character developtment, how to get into the games industry, FUNimation had a panel, and our lovely Kimmie Britt and her website IHOGeek.com had a panel as well! So much going on (in case I hadn’t mentioned that already)!

There are always amazing artists there. Seeing your favorite anime/video game/whatever characters in a beautiful drawing is always just breathtaking…to the point you just stand there are stare at the picture and admire it for a couple minutes until you realize you’re being kind of awkward…moving on. A lot (if not all) of the artists also do commission work so if you don’t see something you want but like their style, ask them!

Another awesome thing – vendors. Some of the stuff you can find at A-kon is just too awesome to pass up. There were vendors with insanely clever shirts, cute little Japanese knick knacks, vintage video games and video game consoles, awesome weaponry, cosplay necessities, steampunk booths, anime, booths doing raffles for prizes and one of my favorites, Japanese candy/drinks! Nomnom.

I have uploaded all my pics here! Be sure to check out the gallery. :D I apologize for the blurry ones…as stated previously, it was PACKED. Kept getting bumped into *grumblegrumble*

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