A Gamer by any other name…

A Gamer by any other name…

A true gamer’s room. (under assumption)

There has been a great deal of individuals who’ve viewed gaming differently for years on end. There should be no surprise that such a bias mind frame would linger to this very day. Even more so, in association with women and gaming. Would it be even more of a surprise to recognize those individuals who refuse believe that females are even capable of picking up a controller or knowing more than ‘OMG BRB’ buttons are located on the keyboard? I don’t think so. They’re still there and unfortunately, they’re beginning to infect the minds of the women who were once ridiculed.  It’s depressing really but as life would have it, if you don’t want to be on one end, you join the other. Save face and all that jazz.

The point is to game, is it not? To do what one loves, no matter how they do it, when they do it or who they do it with. Scoreboards mean nothing if you’re playing a game to play, even to win, because the definition of a winner is also subject to a person’s beliefs.

Charisma+2 is non-discriminatory towards all gamers, if the company had chosen to be, they’d be out several job opportunities if they didn’t need what they offered. Casual gamers are equally as important as Hardcore in this industry because not every company produces FPS or MMORPGS. Some booths want a girl that can hold her own against anyone that strolls up to the controller and others want a girl who can stand there and cosplay, serving only one purpose…to convince people to by the game.

Quite simply, it’s a matter of assumptions and definitions. All of which are not facts but opinions. In your opinion, someone else in inferior because this is how you view a subject to be. Unless you’ve got infallible proof to support such a judgement you’re no more superior than the person you frown upon.

This isn’t so much a blog to call out people as it is an attempt to get people to realize that it really doesn’t matter. If you aren’t for booth babes, then don’t be. If you have your own definition of what gaming is to you, GREAT but realize it’s different for thousands of other people, who use the same word.

I game. I cosplay. I enjoy murdering pixelated enemies and still make an effort to say Good Game to the winner or a loser. I may have never participated in a tournament but I’ve never felt the need to (and also, no time xD), as I know how good I am and I’ve proved it. You’re not going to convince me otherwise.

In my mind a professional is someone who works at a level of maturity and determination unlike anyone else. Dedicating their time to what they enjoy and still able to look at someone as though they are equal, possessing a sense of modesty and pride in themselves and what they’re doing.

Charisma+2 is full of professional gamers. I know this to be true because well…we’re still in business.