Four For February

Four For February
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Move over, Movember! Januhairy is finished! What’s next on the list?

Four For February!

Actually, to be completely fair, I’m not even sure “Four For February” even exists. Maybe? I’m sure a quick trip to Google would probably render this question unnecessary. Whatever, I’m lazy and this challenge sounds right up my alley! I’m gonna go with it, so feel free to join me on my Maybe-Kind-of-A-Monthly-Challenge, because I’m just happy that I can partake in something that doesn’t have to do with facial hair.

From what I’ve gathered, “Four For February” (which I have shortened to “4FF,” because I just love the ‘nyms) is a self initiated challenge where willing participants take the month of February to play through the entirety of four games they’ve never beaten due to any factor, from games that have bored us to tears midway through, frustrated us into shattering controllers, or just games that we’ve never even started in the first place. The hardest part of the challenge comes in the fact that February is the shortest month to try and squeeze four full games into. And since we’re already a full week in, my money is definitely going on black that I wont actually accomplish my goal, but this challenge still serves as a good kick in the ass to scratch some titles off my evergrowing To Beat list.

Which is all just an extremely drawn out way of saying, “Challenge Accepted.”

God Of War

gowThe first in a series has to kick off the list as my number one. God of War, by Sony Computer Entertainment, was originally released for the PlayStation2 in 2005. Which I did, in fact, own. And tried to play. And still have my original copy of. Jump forward in time 8 years later and you’ll find me with not one, but TWO copies of God of War for two different systems. Though the ps3 version plays much more smoothly, I’ve started this game a grand total of FIVE times, while usually getting bored and wandering away sometime after reaching Athens. From what I hear, 2 and 3 are the GOW titles that really draw you in, but I’m just so damn OCD about everything being done in numerical order that I can’t touch them until I remake God of War in my own image. Though I’m still itching to type OCD as CDO, because that just makes more sense.

Final Fantasy IX

ffixOkay, now I am all about loving me some Square/Soft/Enix/Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy IX definitely has proven itself for standing the test of time, I’ll grant it that. Unfortunately, 14 year old Kimmie just could not get over the fact that Zidane had a tail and has been unable to cope with that fact to this day. IT IS JUST CREEPY. I’ve attempted to play this title twice, once in 2002 and then again a decade later in 2012, and still, that damn tail. Not that I only get hung up on character design. Final Fantasy IX just seemed like a step backwards for me after coming numerically from 80+ hours of Final Fantasy VII and then again with Final Fantasy VIII, so I always tended to skip over it in favor of Final Fantasy X, which just felt like a better and more natural progression. Because Final Fantasy IX is really just the soulless stepchild that probably should be kept out of sunlight.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Zombies? Check. Wacky dialogue? Check. Super hot cheerleader with alternate costumes and crazy sisters that starts wielding a giant pink chainsaw? Check and mate, good Sers and Madams! Lollipop Chainsaw is one of those undeniably fun and sparkly games that I keep meaning to pick up despite all of the negative reviews about the mechanics and plot. Because I’ll be damned if I don’t eventually own a copy, and what better time to do so than my 4FF Challenge? Twenty dollars, maybe six hours of good gameplay, and one more title scratched from the list? Not a terrible trade off!

Zumba Fitness Core

coreBecause all this gaming in only 20-something days will require a lot of evenings posted up in my cuddler recliner with sweet tea and cheddar popcorn (what? It’s healthier than Mountain Dew and Doritos don’tjudgeme.) Zumba Fitness Core is a great addition to the mix to get me off my bottom and into somewhat coordinated motion. Because homey don’t dance. YET. Maybe? We’ll see. It would be hilarious to stream, anyway, so there’s one benefit!

As always, you can see this original post on my website,! Planning on taking the challenge? Got any ‘Games of Shame’ that you just haven’t beaten yet? Any you’ve been dying to start? Sound off in the comments below!

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